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Valve Improves Steam Search System, Makes it Easier For Store Users to Find Games

Store Quick-Search now includes developer pages and tags, also it will be better at handling of misspelled words. Today, we rolled out an update to the Steam store search to add more ways for players to search. Recently we’ve noticed more players searching for particular store hubs, tags, or developers so we’ve updated Steam store search to handle those destinations. For these new results, we’ll show a new format with a subtle background generated from images of the most popular games in that result. Let’s take a quick look at all the recent search updates…

Search for Developers, Publishers, and Franchises
Additionally, players can now search directly for your developer or publisher if you have set up a homepage. For more about developer and publisher homepages, please see: partner.steamgames.com/doc/store/creator_homepage. Looking for a particular developer or publisher on Steam? Excited about a specific gaming franchise? Now those appear in the quick search results too. Looking for “Bethesda” games? Or perhaps you want to browse all the “Star Wars” or “Final Fantasy” games. Now you can!


Search Across Tags and Categories
Now players can search for any tag, genre, theme, or category and find a link directly to the right store hub to explore those games. This will work for any valid tag such as “football” or “FPS” or “space” as well as special categories like “Early Access” and “Free to Play.” Released today, the auto-suggestion drop-down that appears when you start typing into the main search field in the Steam store will now return tags, developers, publishers, and franchises if there are reasonable matches. You can search for categories like “Free to play” or individual tags like “survival” or “zombies”.


Better Handling Of Typing Mistakes
We’ve also recently updated the search suggestions to better handle typing mistakes or misspelled words.

Also Available In The Steam Mobile App
These improvements are also part of the Steam Mobile App (and the Steam website when viewed on mobile devices). To learn more about the Steam Mobile App, check out: store.steampowered.com/mobile

Go Search Now!
Check out the updated search functionality today by simply starting a search from the store search bar.


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