Twinsen’s Little Big Adventure 1 and 2 Remastered Announced

French developer 2.21 has announced they are going to remaster Twinsen’s Little Big Adventure 1 and 2. The remasters are going to have a complete graphical overhaul with Unreal Engine 5 and the controls are being reworked along with new features. If you are not familiar with the games, they were originally developed by Adeline Software International back in the 90s, you take control of a young Quetch named Twinsen in which you have to escape the clutches of an evil tyrant called Dr FunFrock.

Back To Twinsun
Travel from island to island, meet strange characters and escape Dr. Funfrock’s evil clones as Twinsen in this lovingly recrafted take on the classic adventure from 1994 Little Big Adventure / Relentless: Twinsen’s Adventure.

Once a regular quetch on Citadel Island, Twinsen gets a strange dream of the destruction of the planet and the forbidden goddesses Sendells. He gets thrown into the asylum to be cured. After his escape, he slowly becomes public enemy #1. He then discovers a strange magic tunic and a magicball, that will soon become his best allies in this epic quest.

Built from the ground up, enjoy new breathtaking visuals, enhanced music and improved, deeper gameplay as Twinsen’s Little Big Adventure – Remastered reignites the original Little Big Adventure game using the latest next-generation technology.



Amazing new graphics
Under the direction of Paulo Torinno, the new art director of the Twinsen series, and Didier Chanfray, creator of Twinsen, Twinsen’s Little Big Adventure – Remastered offers a view into Twinsun with fidelity never seen before. Fluid animation, new follow camera and high resolution (up to 4K) visuals make the islands look incredible, creating the Twinsun for a new generation.

HD music
Thanks to Philippe Vachey, the OST of the original game became instantly classic. 30 years later, it deserves a HD version to re-enchant the islands of Twinsun.

Revamped controls
Analog controls offer more subtle control over Twinsen, and new tricks like evade, the ability to change weapons instantly open up new avenues for inventive speed-running. Optional ‘Old School’ keyboard controls are also available, so the LBA purists can get started with some familiarity.

The remasters are expected to launch in time for the 30th anniversary of series in 2024 with a demo of Twinsen’s Little Big Adventure 1 released during Steam Neo Fest, from June 19th to 26th 2023.

Source: Twinsen’s Little Big Adventure Official Site

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