THE FINALS Closed Beta Coming 7th March on PC

Embark Studios has announced THE FINALS closed beta will begin 7th March for 2 weeks on PC. The developers also dropped a new game play trailer. THE FINALS is free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter which 4 teams of 3 fight to get the most cash. Here are more details on the upcoming closed beta…

THE FINALS remains in development and beta participants should expect plenty of tweaks, changes, and additions based on the feedback they give. It’s a game that brings experimental features—like server-side movement and destruction—and many of these will take iteration to get right.



Contestants will compete in virtual recreations of two iconic locations—the skyscrapers high above the heart of downtown Seoul and old-town Monaco, on the banks of the French Riviera. The beta also has a practice range where contestants can test weapons, gadgets, movement—and, of course, destruction.

There’s casual play as well as ranked tournaments and leaderboards for players to climb. Throughout the two-week event, contestants can unlock weapons, gadgets, tons of cosmetic items, and more.

You can sign up for THE FINALS closed beta by going to the Steam store page here.

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