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Square Enix will Ship ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ Early

To cater for all those who are staying in due to the Covid-19 global pandemic … Square Enix will be shipping Final Fantasy VII Remake early in some countries.

Taken from EngadgetFinal Fantasy VII Remakeis one of Square Enix’s most-anticipated releases ever, and after already pushing the game’s launch date back a month, it’s run into another hiccup: disruption caused by the global coronavirus outbreak means that some players may end up getting the game before others.

In a tweet, the game’s producer Yoshinori Kitase and director Tetsuya Nomura explain that, “These unique circumstances have made it very difficult to align timing of our global shipping. Our highest priority is that all of you, including those that live in countries currently facing the biggest disruption, can play the game at launch, so we made the decision to ship the game far earlier than usual to Europe and Australia.”

As such, the pair are unable to guarantee delivery dates for each country and their retailers, although the game will ship this week for other western regions — including North America — and they’re “optimistic that most of you will receive the game for launch day.”

Source: Engadget



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