Returnal Releases on PC February 15th 2023, PC Specs Revealed

Sony and Housemarque has announced the PC version of Returnal will release on February 15th 2023 along with PC specifications. The third-person sci-fi rogelike shooter will require a GeForce RTX 3080 Ti or Radeon RX 6950XT graphics card with Intel i9-11900k or AMD Ryzen 5900X CPU and 32GB of ram to run the game on Epic settings at 4K resolution with ray-tracing enabled.

So far, not many details have been released on any specific features that will add to the experience and immersion on PC, so let’s get to the good stuff.

NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR have been added, allowing you to dial up your framerate without compromising on resolution. NVIDIA NIS has also been added for those players who also want to see an increase in performance, but don’t have the hardware to support DLSS or FSR.



Returnal also supports ray-traced shadows as before, but now our friends at Climax Studios have added the support for RT reflections as well. This will make the contrast of a dark setting and neon bullets pop out even more than before.* All of this can be now seen in two new wide resolution formats, Ultrawide at 21:9 and Super Ultrawide 32:9. Think of all of that screen real estate that you will be able to take in when you’re not in the middle of a giant boss fight.

Grab your favourite pair of headphones to experience the 3D sound of Returnal on PC! Enjoy the award-winning audio and music through Dolby Atmos, two 3D audio solutions, or 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound. And with custom ray-traced audio, you can fully immerse yourself in Returnal’s atmosphere.

All of this is best experienced on a DualSense controller in its full haptic feedback and adaptive trigger glory. Experience each encounter with nudges and rumbling cues coming directly to your fingertips, adding an extra layer of communication as an advantage to the player. Support for Keyboard & Mouse is also available, along with a wide range of customisation options to tailor the controls to whatever suits you.

PC Specifications

Source: PS Blog

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