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Horror VR Project: Nightlight Coming Soon Q1 2023

Fringe Realities are pleased to announce that their atmospheric horror VR game Project: Nightlight is planning to be released on Steam VR with a release window of Q1 2023. Project: Nightlight sees the player take control of a nightguard, unravelling the mysteries of The Department and the secrets it’s trying to keep from going public. When something is amiss with the contained Artifact, the player will be guided by the distressed co-worker Dave over the walkie-talkie.

Project: Nightlight aims to provide a whole new level of immersion thanks to the unique capabilities of virtual reality. The game allows the player to interact with objects with an acute attention to real-life accuracy, such as handling bolt cutters or melting locks with a blowtorch. Further details will be provided in the leadup to the launch of Project: Nightlight on Steam VR in Q1 2023. For more information and future updates, they’ll be available on the official Twitter page @FringeRealities.

About Project: Nightlight
“What was that?”
It’s quiet. Too quiet. But the night watch always is.
The Department is empty, and your only company is the voice on the radio.
After collecting your gear, your shift begins,
But tonight will be unlike any other.

Project: Nightlight is an atmospheric VR horror game where, as a security guard, it is your job to protect the facility.

It would appear there has been a breach in security when it becomes apparent that something has been tampered with.

At the mercy of the radio’s instruction, you are urged deeper into the building to ensure the safety of The Artifact.

Key Features
An Unsettling Narrative
The further you go, the more you’ll learn. But secrets are kept hidden for a reason.
Someone is hiding something, and as the night progresses, you’ll uncover the dark truths locked behind closed doors.

VR Interactivity
Project: Nightlight immerses you in its world by allowing you to interact with the environment around you.
You can:

  • Break chains with your bolt cutters
  • Melt locks with a blowtorch
  • Physically interact with doors, shutters, environmental clutter
  • And do more of what you’ve come to expect with Virtual Reality.

Unseen Threats
“Someone There?”
Isolation can make your mind wander; see things, even. Are you being watched? Or is it all in your head?
Use the weapon developed by the facility to reveal the horrors that might be dwelling in the dark.

Source: Fringe Realities


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