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CS:GO Sets 1.4 Million Concurrent Online Player Count Record

How many players?! … 1.4 million CONCURRENT players online, woah!

Taken from TPU … The wildly popular and decade-spanning Counter Strike: Global Offensive set a new all-time concurrent player record over the weekend of 1,420,183 according to SteamDB’s tracking. While CS:GO may possibly be looking toward a sunset later this month as rumors of a sequel loom overhead, the game has continued to enjoy a steady increase in players over the past few weeks. A prior record set only a few weeks ago in February finally broke the all-time record of 1,308,963 set way back in 2020, and there was nearly enough momentum to break the record again within 24 hours of the last. Average player numbers are still below that of April 2020’s 857,604, but we may yet see even that record broken given the momentum keeps up.

Source: Twitter @CSGO via TPU


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