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EasySMX Unveils New X05 Multi-Platform Gaming Controller

EasySMX, a leading manufacturer of gaming peripherals, is excited to announce the launch of the new EasySMX X05 Gaming Controller. Designed with cutting-edge technology and gamer-centric features, the X05 is set to redefine the gaming experience with its affordability and functionality.

EasySMX CEO, Stephen, shared his thoughts on the launch: “At EasySMX, we are committed to providing gamers with innovative and affordable gaming solutions. The X05 controller embodies this commitment by combining advanced technology with user-friendly features, all at an accessible price point. We believe that gaming should be an enjoyable and inclusive experience for everyone, and the X05 is a testament to our dedication to this vision.”

  • Advanced Hall Effect Sensors: The EasySMX X05 features Hall Effect sticks and triggers, utilizing magnets and electrical conductors to eliminate physical wear and tear. This technology ensures no more stick drifting and offers higher precision for a superior gaming experience.
  • Stylish RGB Effects: Enjoy up to five diverse lighting modes with various color combinations to match your style. The EasySMX X05 enhances gaming with fun and visually satisfying RGB effects.
  • Enhanced Stability & Minimized Latency: Equipped with a ceramic chip antenna, the EasySMX X05 ensures a stable connection and minimizes latency under the wireless mode, providing a seamless gaming experience.
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility: The EasySMX X05 offers effortless transitions between platforms with a convenient mode toggle on the back. Easily switch between PC, iOS, Android, Switch, and Steam Deck with a simple press.
  • Ergonomic Design and Comfort: Designed with an optimized ergonomic shape and finely carved anti-slip texture, the EasySMX X05 withstands hand sweating and provides ultimate comfort during long gaming sessions.
  • Other Features: adjustable 5-level vibration, Ternary Lithium 750mah battery with more durability

Affordable Pricing
The EasySMX X05 controller offers all these premium features at the unbeatable price of just $29.99, making high-quality gaming accessible to everyone.

Source: EasySMX

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