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AMD Reveals More FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 Technical Details

The FSR 2.0 technology can easily be added to games that already supports NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 with AMD advising that implementation should take less than 3 days for such cases. The FSR 2.0 plugin for Unreal Engine 4/5 can also be used to quickly add support to games while a full implementation for games without any support for decoupled display or motion vectors can take upwards of 4 weeks.

Taken from TPU … AMD has recently shared some more technical information on their recently announced FidelityFX Super Resolution successor ahead of their GDC presentation. The GPUOpen developer website has been updated with new details regarding the various quality modes and implementation strategies available for FSR 2.0. AMD has confirmed that FSR 2.0 will work with graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA going back to the Pascal GTX 10 series in addition to the Xbox Series X/S.


The technology is similar to NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 in that they both use temporal upscaling however FSR 2.0 does not rely on Machine Learning which makes the technology easier to integrate and allows more devices to be supported. FSR 2.0 will feature four quality options with Quality, Balanced, and Performance in addition to the optional Ultra-Performance mode that developers can choose to add. AMD has also included support for Dynamic Resolution Scaling where the resolution can be automatically scaled to meet a minimum target frame rate.

More at AMD and TPU


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