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AMD Ryzen 7000 “Raphael” to Ship with DDR5-5200 Native Support

I guess this is good news, right? A native support for DDR5-5200 on AMD’s Ryzen 7000 over Intel’s DDR5-4800.

Taken from TPU … AMD’s upcoming Socket AM5 Ryzen 7000-series “Raphael” desktop processors will ship with native support for DDR5-5200 memory speed, according to a marketing slide by memory maker Apacer (which also owns the overclocking memory brand ZADAK). The “Zen 4” based desktop processors will feature a dual-channel DDR5 (4 sub-channel) interface, just like the 12th Gen Core “Alder Lake,” but with no backwards compatibility with DDR4.


AMD already stated that Ryzen 7000 processors have a design focus on memory overclocking capabilities, including AMD EXPO, a custom memory module SPD extension standard rivaling Intel XMP 3.0, which will come with fine-grained settings specific to the AMD memory controller architecture. Until now, AMD relied on A-XMP, a motherboard vendor-enabled feature based in the UEFI firmware setup program, which translates Intel XMP SPD profiles of memory modules into AMD-approximate settings.

The Apacer slide also confirms that EPYC “Genoa” processors will come with DDR5-5200 native support. The Socket SP5 processors feature a 12-channel DDR5 (24 sub-channel) memory interface. The already-launched Ryzen 6000 “Rembrandt” mobile processors come with dual-channel (4 sub-channel) DDR5-4800 and LPDDR5-6400 interfaces.

AMD Ryzen 7000 “Raphael” processors natively supporting DDR5-5200 means that JEDEC PC5-42600 standard memory modules will run at that speed without any settings being needed in the UEFI setup program. For higher frequencies, such as DDR5-6000, AMD will rely on EXPO-certified memory modules, or possibly A-XMP like BIOS-level translators for Intel XMP 3.0 profiles.

Source: TPU , momomo_us (Twitter)Apacer IndustrialVideoCardz


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