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Second Gen AMD 3D V-Cache offers up to 2.5 TB/s Bandwidth

It seems there’s no stopping AMD this year … I’m really happy for them, let’s go team RED!

Taken from Videocardz … It has been almost a week since the launch of the Ryzen 7000X3D series. AMD has been an open book to reviewers and provided all the necessary details that consumers might have wanted to know. However, there were still some details that might not be as important to end users, but still very interesting to the tech community nonetheless.

Over the weekend, AMD has provided further details on the 3D V-Cache technology as well as published the very first picture of the new I/O die, the third chiplet accompanying dual 8-core consumer CPUs codenamed Raphael. Some of these details were provided to Tom’s Hardware who asked the company directly, while the remaining details were confirmed during the 2023 International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC).

The 3D V-Cache on Ryzen 7000 series expands the Level 3 cache up to 96MB for one of the chiplets. The Cache itself is designed in 7nm process node, while it is placed on top of the 5nm Zen4 CCD. The second generation cache die is actually smaller than first gen, while retaining the same transistor count. This means that the transistor density has increased from 114.6M to 130.6 MTr/mm².

AMD has also confirmed that the new Cache has higher bandwidth reaching as high as 2.5 TB/s. That’s 25% or 0.5 TB/s improvement over the 5800X3D cache die design. Furthermore, due to changes in design, AMD had to alter the TSV (Through Silicon Vias) connections as well. AMD had to shrink the TSV area by 50%.

Source: Videocardz, Tom’s Hardware@LocuzaTechSpot


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