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Cooler Master MH670 Wireless Gaming Headset Review by Funky Kit

You check out the full review on our sister site at Funky Kit.

In conclusion, the MH670 testing withstood every claim made by Cooler Master. I enjoyed putting the MH670 headset on every time. I was impressed by the audio experience. So far Cooler Master can do no wrong in my opinion and every claim to fame they have about their headsets stand to be true. The bass delivers deep and booming sound. The MH670 like the counterpart, Cooler Master Masterpulse Pro I reviewed a while ago, is a fantastic gaming headset. The voice and sound quality is spot on! The comfort is an impressive 9/10. The ear cups and headband support is well designed.

You will enjoy taking off a pair of headphones that does not leave your head pounding and your ears aching. The MH670 is durable and can with stand twisting and harsh handling. The microphone contorts in many different positions and never effects the performance and is also removable when not needed. The eye catching looks are accented by the mix of flat black and matte around the speakers. The color is not over bearing and has a class to it.

The MH670 Gaming Headset provides maximum sound quality for minimal hassle. 2.4GHz wireless connectivity with virtual 7.1 surround sound and a omnidirectional boom mic results in a lag-free, high-quality audio. A 3.5mm connection allows for multi-platform compatibility, with portable form factor and swiveling cushioned ear cups for long-lasting comfort.

The Cooler Master MH670 Wireless Gaming Headset can be found Amazon for around $119 –


Final thoughts:

The MH670 has everything you could need or want from a gaming headset. The comfort, audio, and portability are a few things that make this headset stand out against others. The universal connectivity allows this headset to be the go to choice for all your devices!

Read the full review on our sister site at Funky Kit.


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