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Aqua Computer Unveils Kryographics Radeon RX 6800/6900 Series Water-Blocks and Backplates

Aqua Computer today introduced its Kryographics NEXT full-cover waterblocks, which are compatible with RX 6800, RX 6800 XT and RX 6900 XT graphics cards that use AMD’s reference layout. The blocks, which are produced in Germany and weigh 880 grams, are available in bare or nickel-plated copper. The GPU and RAM modules are connected via thermal paste, while thermal pads are used for the voltage regulators.

The cover is made of acrylic glass and is surrounded by a black anodized aluminium frame. An integrated strip with 13 addressable LEDs allows the illumination of the block. The accessory includes a suitable connection cable for RGBpx enabled Aqua Computer devices and an adapter plug which also allows the connection to most modern mainboards that feature a port for addressable RGB LEDs.

To get the best cooling performance, a black anodized aluminium backplate is available as optional accessory. The backplate is available in a passive and active variant and mainly helps to lower the temperature of the voltage regulators. The active version additionally uses a heat pipe, which transfers a part of the dissipated heat to the coolant via the included connection terminal.

The blocks and backplates will be available through Aqua Computer’s web-shop later today. The bare copper variant costs 149.90 Euro while the nickel plated variant goes for 164.90 Euro. The passive backplate will cost 32.90 Euro while the active one can be obtained for 47.90 Euro.


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