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AMD RDNA4 Architecture Rumored to use 3nm and 5nm Nodes

Leaks are just leaks … I wouldn’t take them too seriously.

Taken from Videocardz … The leaker from Twitter, who had previously shared confidential information before (with many things still to be confirmed) now claims that the RDNA4 series, a successor to RDNA3, which is set to launch next year, will feature more GPUs and will use a smaller node process. AMD RDNA4 series is to continue using MCM design, at least for some of its SKUs, user notes.

AMD Navi 41 had already appeared in the leaks more than a year ago. That leak suggested that AMD is to continue using RDNA architecture for the next two generations at least. But at the same time, AMD never acknowledged any of those rumors and kept their roadmaps at RDNA3 and Navi3X series at most.

Greymon55 lists two nodes for the RDNA4 series, which obviously refers to the I/O part connecting the chiplets and the graphics tiles themselves. For NAVI4X MCM chips this means 3nm graphics tiles and 5nm I/O dies. Respectively, RDNA3 MCM GPUs will see 5nm and 6nm processes.

AMD Radeon RX 8000 series are not expected to launch till at least late 2023. The specifications of Navi4X are currently unknown as they are still actively being developed by AMD. AMD RDNA4 GPUs might compete with NVIDIA Ada Lovelace’s successor, which has far not been named and at the same time, with Intel DG3 family of GPUs codenamed Arc Battlemage.

Source: Videocardz@Greymon55


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