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AMD Radeon Pro W7900 Workstation Graphics Card Spotted

For workstations and power users.

Taken from  Videocardz … The AMD desktop GPU rollout has been underwhelming. Since Radeon RX 7900 gaming GPUs AMD made no announcements regarding more affordable options, either for gamers or professionals. As we enter a second quarter of 2023, there is no event planned for the next RDNA3 GPU release. However, this might soon change as a new desktop card has just been spotted.

The good news is that it might feature the flagship RDNA3 GPU with Navi 31 GPU (although that is speculation), the bad news is that it is not a gaming card. Over at PugetBench benchmark database, there is an entry featuring Radeon Pro W7900 GPU. This name immediately confirms it is a new card based on the Pro 7000 workstation series, which has not been officially announced yet. Moreover, since this is a ‘x900’ SKU it should be a high-end GPU.

AMD Radeon PRO 6000 series features both the W6900X and W6800 SKUs, but the former was an exclusive part for Apple systems. It is unlikely that the system specs listed above (Core i7-12700K & Z690 AORUS Master) are Apple system specs, so chance are we are looking at a W7900 workstation card that will not be exclusive to Mac Pro.

Source:  Videocardz


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