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PlayStation 5 Prices will Increase 3-24% Globally

It’s not looking good 🙁  but hopefully, we’ll see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Taken from TPU … Prices of the Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) entertainment system are on the boil globally. The Verge tabulated prices across 7 key regions for the console, and found that they’ve been adjusted by anywhere between 3% to 24%, with the worst hikes hitting SCE’s home market of Japan. The PS5 is available in two variants—the standard one with a Blu-ray drive, and a Digital Edition variant that lacks it, and relies on the Internet to download and play new games. The latter is significantly cheaper.

Canada sees the mildest price hikes, ranging between +3% for the standard version, and +4% for the Digital-only version. Australia, Mexico, and the United Kingdom are next, with price-hikes ranging between 7% to 9%, depending on the model. China and Europe (the Eurozone) see exactly 10% to 12% hikes. The worst hit, as we mentioned, is Japan, with 21% to 24% hikes. The specific MSRPs for the two variants are tabulated below. Interestingly, Interestingly, SCE hasn’t finalized a price-hike for the US, but you can bet that they’re coming.

Source: TPU, The VergeVideoCardz


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