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Gaming Monitor – IPS vs TN vs VA


IPS is popular in monitors and smartphones as it not only provides great contrast and wide viewing angles but also produces vibrant colors. However, there are costs for the advantages – it’s limited to their response time and refresh rates, the refresh rates mostly stick to 60 Hertz. So, the higher refresh rates an IPS monitor has, the more money it takes.



TN’s almost opposite to IPS, it mostly has higher refresh rates and lower response time than IPS. It’s widely used for gaming monitors as esports games tend to benefit with faster response time. That’s why most esports pros always have a 144 Hertz monitor at least. However, the contrast and the viewing angles of TN always wouldn’t be a match to IPS. TN displays tend to appear washed out and the viewing angles are rather poor to IPS.



VA’s a mix of TN and IPS, some of those can even get a better contrast ratio and reach 1 millisecond response time. It’s theoretically the best option for users who equally value both performance and visuals, but it has a lot of problems such as blacklight bleeding and ghosting.


It always depends on your preference. If you are an esports gamer, there’s no doubt going for a higher refresh rates monitor. Esports gamers tended to go for TN monitors, but I would always recommend IPS monitors. The IPS technique moves on so a lot of IPS monitors have a better performance at a lower price now. However, TN monitors would be your choice if your budget’s not enough to have an IPS monitor. In addition, VA monitors have severe problems, I wouldn’t suggest it.

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