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AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5000 Series Planned for March 2022

This chip is going to be a BEAST! … Can’t wait to see what it can do!

Taken from VideoCardz … We have just received a piece of information on AMD Threadripper 5000 codenamed “Chagal”. The leak comes from Disclosuzen, our source providing so far very accurate information on AMD hardware in the past. According to this source, AMD is set to launch its Threadripper 5000 PRO series on March 8, 2022.

The source claims that there are indeed 5 parts coming and their names are confirmed, however, the exact specifications are not available yet. Those names have already appeared in the benchmark leaks, so changes to the naming schema were not expected. What is unclear at this moment is whether the PRO series are the only Threadrippper parts coming, it certainly does not appear that AMD is planning non-PRO parts at this point.

Board partners that we spoke with have all said the same thing, Threadripper Zen3 simply arrives too late. Those parts were expected to debut alongside the 5000 series more than a year ago. The only logical reason for the delay would be a shift to Zen3+ 6nm chiplets. This is also the reason why the upcoming Vermeer-X is now expected to be called Ryzen 6000 series, just as Rembrandt. Does this mean Threadripper 5000 PRO is based on Zen3 7nm architecture? It is too early to say.

AMD should unveil the launch date of its Threadripper parts at CES 2022.

Source: VideoCardz


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