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AMD EPYC “Genoa” Zen 4 Product Stack Leaked

Powered by the “Zen 4” microarchitecture and includes support for PCI-Express Gen 5, CXL, and DDR5.

Taken from VideoCardz … AMD is yet to officially launch its Genoa data-center CPU series. The company also announced it is working on seperate series with 3D V-Cache and also density optimized Zen4c series. Both of those products have been included into the new, quite long, one should add, lineup of server CPUs.

The naming convention for 9004 and 8004 series of Zen4 CPUs will be divided into two sockets: SP5 for 9004 series and SP6 for 8004. The new series will go range from 8 to 128 cores, but 112 and 128 configurations will be reserved to Zen4 based Bergamo CPUs. In fact, only the core count will tell customers if they are buying Bergamo or Genoa because the latter simply does not go above 96 cores.

Similarly to Milan-X, the upcoming Genoa-X series with 3D V-Cache will also carry the X moniker, differentiating it from P (1 socket) and F (high frequency) Genoa CPUs.

YuuKi came up with specs charts listing all known Zen4 data center CPUs from AMD. Configurable TDP will vary from 200 to 400W depending on the model, however the high-core count and high-frequency variants are all above 290W.

The EPYC 9754 “Bergamo” is to feature 128 Zen4C cores and up to 256 MB of L3 Cache. This CPU will boost up to 3.2 GHz and will have a TDP of 360W. With 16 cores fewer, there is EPYC 9734 with identical boost clock but also 40W lower TDP.

AMD is preparing four Genoa-X CPU, offering up to 96 cores, with the flagship part called 9684X featuring 96 cores and massive 1.1 GB of L3 Cache. This part has a TDP of 400W, which is the highest TDP from all 4th Gen EPYC CPUs.

Source: VideoCardz


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